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Tradiția lui Richard Dawkins

În contextul isteriei create de lunaticul Harold Camping privind sfârșitul lumii ce avea să vină pe 21 Mai anul acesta, „Washington Post” îl întreabă pe Richard Dawkins: Ce ne învață tradiția dumneavoastră despre sfârșitul lumii? Mai jos puteți găsi două paragrafe din răspunsul biologului britanic.

I won’t waste any more time on that, but I do want to mention a less trivial point arising from the question posed by the Washington Post: ‘What does your tradition teach about the end of the world?’ It’s that word ‘tradition’ that should raise our critical hackles. It refers to a collection of beliefs handed down through generations – as opposed to beliefs founded on evidence. Evidence-free beliefs are, by definition, groundless. What my ‘tradition’ (or your ‘tradition’ or the Dalai Lama’s ‘tradition’ or Osama bin Laden’s ‘tradition’ or the bad-trip ‘tradition’ of whoever wrote Revelation) says about anything in the real world (including its end) is no more likely to be true than any urban legend, idle rumor, superstition, or science fiction novel. Yet, the moment you slap the word ‘tradition’ onto a made-up story you confer on it a spurious dignity, which we are solemnly asked to ‘respect’.

Science is not a tradition, it is the organized use of evidence from the real world to make inferences about the real world – meaning the real universe, which is, in Carl Sagan’s words, all that is, or ever was, or ever will be. Science knows approximately how, and when, our Earth will end. In about five billion years the sun will run out of hydrogen, which will upset its self-regulating equilibrium; in its death-throes it will swell, and this planet will vaporise. Before that, we can expect, at unpredictable intervals measured in tens of millions of years, bombardment by dangerously large meteors or comets. Any one of these impacts could be catastrophic enough to destroy all life, as the one that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago nearly did. In the nearer future, it is pretty likely that human life will become extinct – the fate of almost all species that have ever lived.

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In weekendul asta, avand mai mult timp, am vizionat doua documentare pe care doresc sa le recomand tuturor. Primul in ordinea vizionarii a fost „The god who wasn’t there”. Filmul propriuzis este disponibil si pe youtube (o sa-l agat la final) dar recomand, daca aveti de unde lua, partea cu extended interviews.

Al doilea a fost „Religulous” al lui Bill Maher. Acesta este mult mai entertaining decat primul. La final veti gasi trailerul.

Vizionare placuta!


Faith no more

Anul acesta Andrew Zak Williams  intreba personalitatile publice de ce cred in dumnezeu. Pe 25 Iulie in New Statesman a fost publicat interviul in oglinda in care ateisti de marca precum Richard Dawkins, Susan Blackmore, Sam Harris si altii isi justifica pozitia.


Un scurt exemplu:

A C Grayling

I do not believe that there are any such things as gods and goddesses, for exactly the same reasons as I do not believe there are fairies, goblins or sprites, and these reasons should be obvious to anyone over the age of ten.

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Premiul Richard Dawkins 2011

Premiul Richard Dawkins merge acest an la Christopher Hitchens.

Anuntul de presa.


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Kathryn Schulz: On being wrong

28 aprilie 2011 Lasă un comentariu

Îmi doresc ca prietenii MISAni să vadă filmul ăsta și măcar pentru câteva momente să realizeze că s-ar putea să greșească. Îmi doresc să înteleagă că nu există știință ezoterică, ci doar știință. Îmi doresc să înțeleagă că nu există revelații divine ci doar produse ale creierului uman. Îmi doresc în zadar.

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Istoria cunoașterii

Mulțumtă sitului Skeptoid avem…

The History of Knowledge

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